Chrisol Solutions Limited is incorporated in Nigeria as a limited liability company by Corporate Affairs Commission under the Companies and Allied Matters with RC 1062003. Our focus is on the provision of offshore communication solutions, emerging technology integration, maintenance, and upgrade of existing infrastructure to improve real-time decision making, reduce operating costs and improve the quality of life for your team at remote locations.

Each of our solutions has been developed with an eye on value delivery to our customers, fulfilling their current and future business requirements by upgrading their existing infrastructure. We provide innovative and value-added business solutions for broadband internet service through customizable satcom systems integration for remote locations like maritime, oil rigs, FPSO, mining and construction sites.

Our technical expertise in satcom systems integration, vast experience in installation and maintenance, and knowledge of business solutions in emerging technology and Telecommunications, is to ensure that all diversified applications can operate smoothly together as one total solution.

Some of our technical teams have over 10 years of experience in satcom systems integration. Our office is strategically located in Port Harcourt to better serve our clients in Oil/Gas & Maritime industries in Niger/Delta region of Nigeria and to also enhance rapid dispatch of our Technicians for field assignments.

Chrisol Solutions Limited is willing to expand partnerships with more satellite service providers, OEMs and industry-specific product line as new technologies emerge, with value addition in upgrading our clients’ existing infrastructure.

To add values to investments with ingenious creativity using indigenous workforce in delivery of satistafory technical services to our clients.

We add values to investments by providing innovative systems integration of hardware and software to the new or existing facilities of Internet Service Providers and Satellite Service Providers required for offering internet services at remote locations via Satellite Communication.